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This Creative Life with Sara Zarr

Apr 14, 2022

Jo Knowles is one of my favorite book people, and she has a new one out this week. That inspired me to pull her 2013 episode up from the archives, where it’s been under lock and key for awhile. Jo writes for and about almost all ages on the young reader spectrum, from picture book (Ear Worm) to YA (Read Between the Lines) to Middle Grade (See You at Harry’s). Her latest, Meant to Be, sounds like it has a lot in common with A Song Called Home. Which doesn’t surprise me a bit—Jo and I have always been interested in similar themes and settings in our work. Check out her work if you don’t know it, and enjoy this trip back in time!

Selected Show Notes

Jo Knowles online

Jo and other guests at the TCL Bookshop shop


Theme music by Dave Connis