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This Creative Life with Sara Zarr

Apr 7, 2020

In this loose and chatty episode, Katie Cotugno and I pour a drink and talk about our April 7 book releases into a world in which everything is canceled. Given that we have no uncanceled book events, we take some time to talk both process and content of Rules for Being a Girl (co-written by Katie with Candace Bushnell) and Goodbye from Nowhere (by your host, Sara Zarr). 
We dig into the fictional appeal of inappropriate relationships, what we're reading now, and how we're getting through it all. We both talk fast and a lot and without much filtering so if that's the type of thing you like, you're welcome! If it's the type of thing you hate, we're sorry!
In support of independent booksellers, Katie and I encourage anyone inclined to buy our books (or any books) to do so in a way that supports our beloved indies. Some handy links to that end:
You can also get in touch with your specific local indie directly to find out how best to support them as well as how to get ebooks through their storefronts.
If book-buying is not in your budget, check out the best app in the world, Libby, to see about getting our ebooks and audiobooks through your public library even while it's closed.