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This Creative Life with Sara Zarr

Feb 18, 2022

As Andrew and I wait through the last few weeks before our books come out, we digress ever so slightly into an incomplete history of self-publishing, from its reputation as “vanity publishing” to where it converged with the advent of ebooks and e-readers to arrive at its present day status as a messy juggernaut. Also: why every writer should consider learning how to self-publish in the 21st century.

Sara’s book now comes out on 3/15; Andrew’s is still scheduled for 3/29. Neither are at the bottom of the ocean!

0-13:30: Updates on our books

13:35-1:07:00: The incomplete history of self-publishing (including diversions to e-readers, the aspiring writer industrial complex, and remembering “New Adult” in its innocent infancy)

1:07:00 - end: Closing thoughts and coming attractions

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