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This Creative Life with Sara Zarr

Jun 8, 2020

Liara Tamani recently wrote at "Growing up, I was a good girl. I never got in trouble. I did what I was told. ... I’d become a master at taming, hiding and cutting out the parts of myself that weren’t compatible with the person other people wanted me to be: the rebellious, curious and sexy parts; the questioning and fearless parts. The free parts."
Liara and I dig into good girl syndrome in life and in publishing, what growing up with the threat of hell hanging over you in childhood is like, and are perhaps answered by God during the interview. Of course, we also talk about books and writing: how Liara's beautiful debut, Calling My Name, came to be, and what she loves about her brand new release, All the Things We Never Knew, as well as the gorgeous covers of both of these books.
See for complete show notes.