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This Creative Life with Sara Zarr

Mar 28, 2021

Dave Connis is not only the legendary composer of the theme music for this very podcast, but also an author in his own right, with two YA novels out and a picture book on the way.

The emotional theme music of this episode is honesty. Dave and I get into matters of art and faith, how a sudden loss changed his writing life and drive, and how not to be a Slughorn in a business where various relational challenges can be baked in. We also, of course, talk about the practical matters of writing, such as: writing with a full-time job and several (at least) children, prioritizing when you’re a person with a lot of ideas, and the freedom in knowing your limitations. And we wouldn’t be two Christians (or in my case, Christian-ish) if we didn’t mention the enneagram.

Selected show notes:

Dave online, books and music and newsletter

Atlas Obscura

Makoto Fujimura

Ye Olde Bookshop shoppe

This podcast is hosted, produced, and edited—for better or worse—by me, Sara Zarr